Get A Bathroom Upgrade With New Toilet Seats

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It might be the last piece in your home that you even think about, let alone care to upgrade… but the latest and greatest toilet seats can make your bathroom seem like it’s part of a five-star hotel. What are some of the trendy items for an easy bathroom upgrade?

Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Heating, Electrical, and Plumbing bathroom upgrade tips.

Heated toilet seats can start as low as about $80. You know the drill—you go to the bathroom in the middle of a cold night and it can be quite a rude awakening. If that’s ever the case at your house, this might be the perfect toilet for you. Simpler models have only one heating setting, but more expensive models can have several options. Some also have a glow to act as an extra light for your restroom. These seats are easy to install, but you’ll need an electrical outlet nearby.

Bidet toilet seats start at about $250 and give you a cleaning with a stream of fresh water. They are very common in many places outside of the U.S. Not only does it seem very clean, but also think about how much money you can save in toilet paper costs! They do need a water source, so they are a bit harder to install than the heated seats.

Lastly, you already have a smart phone and possibly other smart technology… so how about a smart toilet seat? These can start around $600, but are worth the cost! This type of toilet seat often includes a bidet and a heating element, and you can customize it. Some allow you to make changes per person. Some spray air freshener into the air and cleaner into the bowl before and after each use. Some can raise and lower. Some even spray warm air!! Of course, don’t forget the music, temperature and white noise machine—all part of some models. Professional installation is recommended.


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