Spring Cleaning Tips- change out those air filters!

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Did you know that by not changing out your air filters, that it causes undue stress on your air conditioning units? Many people don’t maintain their air conditioning units properly nor change out their air conditioning filters as needed.

Previously, we have written about a few reasons to change out your air filters. Your health should be your primary concern.  Also, it lowers your utility bills and who doesn’t want to save money every month?

When Central Carolina Air Conditioning installs an air conditioning unit, we use quality systems with quality parts. However, if you don’t maintain your system with regular maintenance and changing out your air filters, then your system has to work even harder to keep you comfortable in warmer temperatures.

As contaminates build up on the filters, it restricts air flow around your entire home and your system has to use more energy to circulate cooler air.  Overtime, this undue stress can cause premature wear resulting in an air conditioning unit that calls it quits before it should!

Don’t be shortsighted and cost yourself more money in the long run! We also change out your air filters with your regular tune ups.  Our service technicians will swap out the old ones for clean ones every time we visit.  Give us a call at 800-461-3010 to schedule yours today before time runs out!

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