Remove Buildup from Your Showerhead

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Does your showerhead seem to spray in every direction except the right one when you get in the shower in the morning? Mine did.  Since I have well water, it is not all that uncommon to have the holes in the showerhead stop up with the minerals in the water.  But fear not, there is hope for a fix that doesn’t mean giving up your perfect showerhead.

Start by removing your shower head at the junction just past where the spigot comes out of the wall.  This can usually be done by loosening it by hand, but in cases of extreme blockage you may need a wrench.  Once removed, turn on the faucet so that you can make sure water flows freely from the pipe.  If it doesn’t call Central Carolina Plumbing to diagnose the problem.  Next, look at your showerhead.  Often, there will be a white, crusty material around the holes in the showerhead.  This is the mineral deposit.

There are two ways to remove these minerals, and you may have to use a combination of the two methods.  One is to manually remove the debris.  To do this, you will need a stiff brush.  Remember that to remove the mineral accumulation the bristles have to be harder than the minerals, so pretty tough, and pretty damaging to the surface.  The second method is a chemical method where you break up the bonds that hold the mineral deposits together. An excellent, and environmentally friendly way to weaken these bonds is white vinegar.  Soak your showerhead for several hours and even overnight.  In the morning you will  be able to use a softer brush (nylon bristle) to remove any undissolved residue.  Be sure to test the vinegar solution in an inconspicuous spot before soaking to make sure it won’t ruin the finish.   Reinstall showerhead.

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