Prevent Laundry Shrinking

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We’ve all been there—you pull out your shirt or dress or pants from the dryer and see that they’ve shrunk. How can you prevent this? And what do you do if it happens?

It may sound simple, but don’t wash your clothes—or at least those that tend to shrink—very often. The more you wash and dry, the more shrinkage will likely happen. In the colder months, wear under layers so that you can keep your beautiful sweaters and blouses clean.

Wash with cold water, which is not as damaging on the fabrics as hot and warm water. This will also save you some money on heating water.

Use the gentle cycle. This is especially important with cotton, wool and cashmere. Furthermore, hand wash very delicate items.

Air dry your clothing. Loosely woven or knitted items can be rolled out in a towel and left on a flat surface. Don’t hang clothes on hangers because the weight from the water will make the clothes stretch. At the very least, dry on a low setting and take clothes out when they are still a bit damp. This will also save you some money on your power bill and lengthen the life of your dryer.

Wool and cotton items in particular can shrink easily. If you have an item that has shrunk, take the item and soak it in lukewarm water mixed with a capful of baby shampoo for ten minutes. Do not rinse. Squeeze the excess water out and lay it out on a flat surface to dry. While it is still damp, gently stretch the item back to its original form.


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