Plan for Easy Breathing in Your Home This Winter

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During the colder months we tend to spend more time indoors with windows closed tight. Although that might keep you warmer, it doesn’t tend to help the air quality inside your home. To protect your air quality, it’s good to understand the impact various issues can have on your indoor environment, especially humidity and indoor pollutants.

In the winter, the humidity level in your home can decrease because the cold outside air doesn’t hold as much moisture. As warmer air escapes the home, colder air from outside replaces it. If the outside temperature is 20-30 degrees Fahrenheit, the recommended relative humidity is 35-40%. If the humidity level drops below 30% you may start to experience nose, throat and eye irritation as well as static electricity. The easiest way to prevent this from happening is to place humidifiers throughout the home.

Another concern for your indoor air quality is radon — a radioactive gas produced by uranium decay (Uranium is in soil and rocks.) To prevent radon from entering your home, seal the cracks and openings around the foundation and be sure to properly maintain your HVAC system. If you’re concerned about radon in your home, you can purchase a home test kit from your local hardware store.

While humidity and radon are specific issues that can affect your air quality indoors, remember that pollutants also come from a variety of sources like household chemicals, dust, animal dander, etc. To reduce their impact, make an effort to limit chemical usage since you aren’t opening windows as much and vacuum and dust on a regular basis.

If you suffer from asthma or allergies, air purifiers are a great investment that can make a significant difference in your comfort level indoors. Having your ducts cleaned regularly will also help with allergies and your overall indoor air quality so that you and your guests can enjoy the coming holiday and winter season.

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