Getting Your Home Vacation Ready

Posted on: July 12th, 2016 by Derek Barmer No Comments

Are you planning a getaway this summer?  You’ve probably thought about what you need to pack, but have you thought about what vacationyou need to do in your home to get ready for vacation?   If you are like most, you likely haven’t given it much thought.  So, how do you get your home ready?

First, think about what you would do if you had a leak in your home. Of course, you would cut off the water at the main valve to prevent future damage.  You should do the same when you plan to leave for a time.  Cut the water off at the main valve before you leave so that if there is a leak it will not turn into a major headache.  Remember that this will impact your landscape watering and pool water maintenance.  Make arrangements to let your house sitter or landscaper to be able to turn the water on as needed to meet these needs. 

Next, think about ways to save money while you are on vacation.  Shut your ice maker off while you are away.  Why make ice when you aren’t even there?  Shut down any water softening systems to save even more.  Of course, your hot water heater is your biggest opportunity for saving. But cutting it off, you reduce most of your consumption.  Cut this off at the main breaker to prevent it from heating an empty tank and burning out.  Finally unplug any vampire appliances.  These include any appliances that have a clock and draw energy even when not in use.

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