Energy Efficiency and National Security?

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This one may surprise you.  Did you know that by being energy efficient, you are actually helping national security? The past two weeks we’ve been discussing reasons you need to be energy efficient at home by maintaining your heating and air conditioning equipment.  Here are the reasons we’ve discussed so far:

1. Energy efficiency saves you money (and who doesn’t want extra money?)

2. Energy efficiency helps the economy (more jobs and less people out of work!)

3. Energy efficiency is good for the environment (lets use less natural resources!)

And today we’re going to discuss that being energy efficient actually helps national security.  Here at Central Carolina Air Conditioning we are huge patriots. We love our country and our home state of North Carolina! Our goal is to be as energy efficient as possible as well with our business and services!

By being energy efficient with our heating and air conditioning maintenance programs, we use fewer natural resources which keeps us from being as oil dependent from overseas.

Not only are we trying to be energy efficient here at Central Carolina Air Conditioning, but so is the United States military. They are working to improve the energy efficiency of our military vehicles and equipment. This allows them to invest more of our tax dollars in other defense programs.

We also need to keep our troops overseas safe by helping them be energy efficient! Our military forces need fuel for their missions and fuel tankers are largely targeted by our enemies.  Back in 2011, there were 1,100 attacks on fuel convoys according to the Alliance to Save Energy. As much as 80% of our supply to our troops is for fuel and sadly, soldiers die when our fueling convoys are hit. However, if they can use more energy efficient electric and hybrid type vehicles and other energy efficient equipment, then less fueling convoys are needed.

So we urge you to do your part! Have questions? Join us on Facebook here and post your question for Bobby! We’d love to talk to you!



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