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Taking a Second Look at Security Lightinglighting exterior

We all know how it feels to get home after a long day at work, in the winter, only to realize that you forgot to leave the porch light on. Fumbling for the keys and trying to get them in the lock while juggling a cell phone, coat and umbrella is frustrating at best. But what if you had the convenience of motion sensitive lights that came on automatically? Or a lighted pathway that came on automatically whenever it got dark?

We often think about security lighting at our businesses, but rarely take time to consider our home outdoor lighting needs. At commercial locations, we recommend lighting the property well so that employees and visitors don’t trip over unseen obstacles, and to deter theft. The same holds true for our homes. Visitors to your home should be able to navigate from the driveway to the door safely. Good lighting design can provide adequate lighting that blends well with the surrounding area and enhances your home’s appeal.

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