Front Porch Improvements For This Summer

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Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical Front Porch ImprovementsIf you’re looking for an easy curb-appeal project this summer that doesn’t involve staying out in the hot sun, how about working on your front porch? This is one of the first areas potential buyers and guests notice, and changes don’t need to be expensive.

A fresh coat of paint on your door can really make it pop. Don’t be timid– try out yellow, red or turquoise! Make sure to check the weather before you get started. You don’t want a major storm blowing through while your paint is drying.

Next, add some flowers. Choose a type that matches the color and style of your house, as well as the size of your porch. When it comes to picking flowers, the options are endless. You can install a flower box underneath your windows, hang baskets of flowers on the sides of the porch, or hang pots from hooks on the ceiling. You can also decorate the porch steps by putting flower pots on each ascending step.

You can also ways to draw attention to your newly painted door by putting tall plants on each side of it or hanging up a summery wreath. You can make your own or buy one that displays flowers, fruits, or leaves to match the rest of your porch.


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