Laundry Room Safety

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The laundry is where many house fires start and injuries occur. It’s a commonly used part of the home but most of us don’t keep it properly cleaned or maintained. How can you make yours safer?

First off, the dryer. Clean your lint trap after every load and clean with a nylon brush every few months. Deep clean your ducts and vent when you notice a decrease in dryer performance or at least once a year. It is a good idea to do this more often if you have pets or a large family. While checking your dryer ducts, make sure they are not plastic, which can be a fire hazard. If they are, replace them with straight or flexible metal ducts. Check the vent’s output for any blockages, such as leaves or bird nests. Lastly, keep the area around your dryer free of clutter and make sure there is proper airflow around it.

Next, the washing machine. Check hoses at least once a year for bulging, cracking, fraying, and leaks around the ends. Even if there aren’t any problems, replace hoses every 4 to 5 years. Make sure there are at least four inches between your washing machine and the wall to prevent hoses from kinking. Also, keep the machine level so it does not damage the floor during the spin cycle. Put a drip pan underneath the washing machine so it does not damage the floor is there are any leaks. This is especially important with an upstairs laundry.

A few last tips: keep a fire extinguisher nearby, don’t overload the washing machine, and clean the washing machine regularly.


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