Cool Your Pets Off Without AC

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Maybe you don’t have central air conditioning or your AC is temporarily out, or maybe you keep your pets outdoors. What are some ways to keep your fur babies cool without central air? After all, that fur makes them feel pretty toasty!

For outside pets, make sure they have access to plenty of shade. Keep in mind that the sun moves throughout the day, so look for areas that have the most shade during all hours of the day. Give them plenty of fresh water and place water containers where your pet can’t tip them over.

Spill proof bowls are a good idea. Some bowls are even made to connect directly to a garden hose, and a pressure valve controls the amount of water in the bowl, refilling when it is low! Lastly, a “kiddie pool” kept in the shade and filled with just enough water to wet your pet’s belly is a fun idea to cool him or her off.

Indoors, use fans. Pedestal fans are great because they’re up away from the pets, and they can oscillate to distribute air around an entire room. However some pets do enjoy sitting in front of a heavy-duty floor fan that won’t tip over!

Window fans can be set so they are blowing out in order to help circulate air throughout a house. Close all of the windows except for one. Lastly, keep curtains and window shades closed during the middle of the day to keep the sun out.


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