Common Home Cleaning Mistakes

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Inevitably, when you have company over for the holidays, someone will spill red wine on your carpet or drop food onto the floor or counters. If you want to be prepared, take a look at some of these common cleaning mistakes many people make — and learn what to do instead.

images-5Don’t scrub that spill on the carpet — this can actually make it worse. Instead, scrape up as much as you can with a spoon (if you can). Blot the spot with a clean white paper towel or cloth and blot until dry. In addition, could place a pile of books on top of the towels and change them out frequently. Then treat the spot with a stain remover.

Natural cleaning agents like lemon juice and vinegar can be used on many things — but not everything. These acids can damage natural surfaces such as marble, limestone and onyx.

Not all cleaners are disinfectants. If a product has an EPA registration number it is a disinfectant. (It will say something like EPA Reg No.). Also make sure you leave the cleaner on the treated spot for the recommended amount of time.

Practice caution when using abrasive tools. The heavy-duty cleaning sponges can scratch surfaces such as plastic or ceramic cooktops. The magic erasers may damage surfaces like vinyl flooring.

Be aware of what you type of surface you are spraying directly with cleaning products. For glass, wood, stainless steel and electronics, spray a small amount onto a microfiber cloth then wipe the surface. Use a dry cloth to wipe away any excess liquid.

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